Friday, June 08, 2007


rencana apa wiken ini,..?hm..pgnnya sii nonton movie..sambil ngemil, plus diluar ujan deres..sambil minum susu creamy campur kopi coklat jg asikk..hmm yummy bangets..ow ya jgn heran kl ak bilang diluar ujan deres[bandung sih ujan terus,gak bilang2 lagi..pdhl tadinya panas terang benderang coy!]..nih slaah satu my fav movie..yg pgn gw tonton, but lum sampe sini kalee..check the story begin..

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
ceritanya ceunah..

Lord Voldemort has returned?>:) Eh, who's going to believe that? The Ministry of Magic says to shun anyone who even suggests such a thing - folks like Dumbledore and Harry Potter. Well, maybe those jerks should be a little more vigilant, because there's going to be a hullabaloo at Hogwarts. Good thing Dumbledore is forming a secret resistance, training our hero Harry his mates for a wizardly battle. But how can Harry concentrate on magic when he's also trying to be a teenager? :xRebellion, romance, and raging hormones make for a memorable fifth year at school.

kenape ni hpilem musti kite tonton:
@};- You live in a home with someone under the age of 12 and you won't hear the end of it if you don't go.
@};- Director David Yates is new to the franchise. His last film, The Girl in the Cafe, was a thought-provoking drama. Can he add some more depth to our beloved wizard?
@};-They keep finding more eminent British actors to add to the cast. This time, it's Oscar-nominees Helena Bonham Carter and Imelda Stuanton.

Daniel Radcliffe [my lovely one, but now h's growht up ugly kid hehehe:)>-], Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Michael Gambon, Ralph Fiennes, Gary Oldman
Directed by:
David Yates

kate sutradarenye: kalo ncing babe nonton nih pelem, inget2 da adegan ciumannye adek2 playgroup n TK di kasih tahu aje ye..nih pilem dah kagak kaye HP yg pertame lagih...nyoook..wiken nyoook...

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